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Want to know if your building issues are significant, and if so, the cheapest way to address them?


We can help you with expert investigation and assessment, identification of design and construction solutions and support you, if you have a claim against your builder or insurer.

House and Apartment Owners make significant investments in the long term integrity and performance of their building. Management of building defects, operation and maintenance and refurbishment or upgrade processes are key to successful outcomes.

Using our extensive experience throughout the building life cycle, Cornerstone Construction Consultants provides the following services to building owners:

  • Building Inspection, Investigation and Reporting;
  • Defects and Builders Liability and Warrantee Claims Management;
  • Damage and Insurance Claims Management;
  • Maintenance Management to ensure that all required maintenance planning is in place and that it is being implemented to protect your property and maximise the value of your investment;
  • Design and Project Management for refurbishments and upgrades;
  • Management and Supervision for Building Maintenance or Rectification.

We utilise our experience to cut through, simplify and expedite the damage or deterioration investigation processes.

We document the necessary proofs, expert witness and non-compliance statements, claim schedules and work instructions for you.

We review and approve any works proposals from contractors, whether for new works or for defects repairs and conduct in process inspections.



Building Maintenance

Consider the risks and opportunities

Is your building healthy and safe? Are you satisfied with your building cost of maintenance and long term asset integrity?

We assist you in maintaining your building in compliance with statutory, requirements to ensure health, safety and efficiency in building operations and maintenance activities.

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Building Defects and Builder Liability

Manage your defects to avoid major liabilities

Identify those hidden issues before it is too late – before the builder’s liability is extinguished or a major failure.

Cornerstone Construction Consultants provides a range of Defect Management services, from a single issue service, to a comprehensive management process.

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Building Damage Insurance Claims

Understand your damage and take control of your claim

Confused whether you may have a claim or how to manage your rights to ensure damage is comprehensively fixed? Use Cornerstone Construction Consultants to ensure that your damage claim is managed to an effective resolution.

Cornerstone Construction Consultants provides support to building owners and operators for insurance damage claims. As Building and Engineering professionals we can provide you assistance in identifying claimable damage to your structures, services and finishes through a claim event and ensuring that the work is fully scoped, designed and remediated to integrate with your dwelling.

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