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Is your building healthy, safe and environmentally compliant? Are you satisfied with your building services performance and operational availability, cost of operations and maintenance and long term asset integrity?


We assist you in operating and maintaining your building in compliance with statutory, technical and contractual requirements to ensure health, safety and efficiency in building operations and maintenance activities, retention of stakeholder liabilities including builder and warrantor liabilities, and support with claims management.

Services offered include:

  • Operations and Maintenance Compliance Audits and Reviews including reviews of O & M instructions, As Built Documentation and Warrantee documents and compliance requirements;
  • Strata and Facilities Management including set up and or review of maintenance management systems, documentation, maintenance services, planning, cost planning, reporting and O & M systems improvement;
  • Dilapidation Surveys;
  • Insurance Damage Assessments including Causation Reports, and Engineers recommendations including scoping, and design management;
  • Builders Liability Period – 0 to 6 years – defects inspections and reports and support with dispute resolution with the Builder or through the WA Building Commission, State Administrative Tribunal, Arbitration or WA Courts;
  • Post Completion damage, failure assessments and Engineers causation and solutions reports and management of rectification works;
  • Design interface between O & M teams and designers;
  • Management of major Maintenance Program or Works Upgrade Activities.



Other Support Services for Property Manager


Building Defects and Builder Liability

Manage your defects to avoid major liabilities

Identify those hidden issues before it is too late – before the builder’s liability is extinguished or a major failure.

Cornerstone Construction Consultants provides a range of Defect Management services, from a single issue service, to a comprehensive management process.

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Building Damage Insurance Claims

Fully Recover Your Building Damage

Confused whether you may have a claim or how to manage your rights to ensure damage is comprehensively fixed? Use Cornerstone Construction Consultants to ensure that your damage claim is managed to an effective resolution.

Cornerstone Construction Consultants provides support to building owners and operators for insurance damage claims. As Building and Engineering professionals we can provide you assistance in identifying claimable damage to your structures, services and finishes through a claim event and ensuring that the work is fully scoped, designed and remediated to integrate with your dwelling.

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