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Insurer’s Insurance Claims Assessment


studyAre your building inspectors and engineer’s reports adequate to enable you to comprehensively define causation, scope of damage, design requirements and approval of reinstatement?

We can assist you with a “one stop shop” management service and a vast experience across all classes of buildings and facilities. Use Cornerstone Construction Consultants to ensure that your damage claim is managed to an effective resolution.

Cornerstone Construction Consultants provides support to Insurers with building damage claims. As Building and Engineering professionals, we can identify and assess claimed damage to structures, services and finishes. We ensure that the work is fully assessed, scoped, designed and rectified in compliance with the Insurer’s obligations and under the direction of the Insurer’s representative.

We are experienced with insurance claims management ranging from minor household damage to major building facility or infrastructure damage in excess of $100M.

Unfortunately we sometimes see the results of claims that are poorly managed and assessed. These results may include:

  • failure to comprehensively record the damage;
  • failure to identify and implement interim protection measures resulting in greater damage and safety risks;
  • ambiguous or erroneous causation reporting that misinterprets the damage mechanism;
  • failure to identify the design, construction, operations or maintenance factors that may be associated with the damage;
  • failure to properly interpret the extent of damage across the building structure, fabric and services and as a consequence the necessary repair scope;
  • failure to assess the design implications of the damage; development of incomplete and poorly defined specifications for repairs;
  • acceptance of unsound or incomplete repairs and as a consequence compromises to building operation, safety, performance and long term integrity; and
  • poorly justified recommendations to accept illegitimate claims due to a lack of forensic expertise and evidence.

We can help you prevent these outcomes.


Our Services

Our Services include:

  • Damage recording and assessment
  • Management of Interim Protection Measures
  • Engineer’s Causation Reporting
  • Scoping and technical documentation of rectification works
  • Design Management across service disciplines
  • Assessment of proposed rectification options
  • Coordination of rectification works
  • Approval of Rectification works including testing and commissioning
  • Claim Management
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