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Design Management Services

Looking for a better, greater value and more coordinated building design?
Let us assist you with design management.

Modern building designs are more diverse than ever yet stringent in terms of public expectations, design standards, energy efficiency, cost efficiency, operational requirements and safety. The available range of construction technologies, materials and equipment has expanded driving a greater number of design interfaces and special risks for consideration by designers.In these circumstances, it is more common to see gaps in design, design clashes within a single discipline and inter disciplines, over and under design, documentation errors and omissions, and the emergence of more unique and esoteric issues. The result may be design details that are incompatible with the building design life, or require specialised maintenance practices and compromises to building operations and safety.Building construction quality is the outcome of various design inputs including a coordinated and complete design, clear specifications and drawings. Where these inputs are lacking then construction issues are likely to develop. Some examples of these issues may include:

  • Building fabric which may be designed by the Architectural designer doesn’t take account of structural movements, wind pressures and loads of which the structural engineer is aware. Alternatively the building fabric may be unsupported by the structure requiring additional supports in order to be completed. Fabric may move, leak, break down or fail as a result.
  • Waterproofing details don’t account for building structural movements and tolerances resulting in leaks and damage and degradation of other building elements.
  • Incorrect design selection of products may result in unintentional exposure to moisture, salt, dissimilar metals (results in corrosion, staining and failure), and usage non-compliant with manufacturers’ requirements.
  • Design details which are impractical or unsafe to construct resulting at times in the builder or subcontractors or junior design staff implementing unsound and unapproved corrective actions.
  • Risks of premature and catastrophic failures if safety elements such as balustrades;
  • Services that operate partially or are prone to premature failure 9 e.g. Hot and Cold water, Mechanical Air handling, heating and cooling systems;
  • Safety issues which may not be addressed or documented in a Safety in Design Report pursuant to the applicable WA Code of Practice and WA legislation;
  • Maintenance Accessibility issues;
  • Ambiguous contractual and technical requirements in Contracts and subcontracts resulting in undesirable disputes, delays, compromises to quality, and variations.

All projects suffer from unresolved design issues to varying degrees. The untimely identification of these issues results in design, building or operational compliance compromises which may require unbiased, experienced and professional support in order to determine the extent of the issues and the optimum solutions.

Through CCC’s extensive experience with modern building design and building processes, CCC provides design management expertise to identify design deficiencies, prepare corrective design briefs and consultancy agreements, review and manage development of designs and documentation, identify opportunities for improvement, undertake value management, manage the efficient and safe implementation of design solutions and conduct construction compliance inspections.



Other Support Services for Builder/Developer


Building Defects

In recent years there have been a number of high profile cases that have tested the builder’s liability for defects.
In this case, the owner (or their representative) is responsible to identify and notify the builder of a defect. So it is important that those hidden issues are identified before it is too late – before the builder’s liability is extinguished or a major failure.

Cornerstone Construction Consultants provides a range of Defect Management services, from a single issue service, to a comprehensive management process

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Building Disputes

Building Design and Construction is progressively becoming more complex and therefore it is common that during construction handover and commencement of Building occupancy and operations, and throughout the life of a building, that disputes occur. These issues may result in breaches of WA Building Regulations, health and safety issues in operations and maintenance, breaches of builder and manufacturer warrantee obligations, inefficient and unsustainable building operations and maintenance, loss of building functionality and unnecessary wear and susceptibility to damage of building elements.

Find out how Cornerstone Construction Consultants can bring clarity to the dispute and improve your options for successful resolution.

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Transition to Operations and Maintenance

Aren’t sure how to transition from construction to operations and maintenance? Aren’t clear on your obligations or those of your builder, operators and maintainers? Let us help you ensure regulatory compliance, maintain builder, operator and maintainer liabilities and maximise the performance of your building.

We will assist you in the transition from construction to operations and maintenance to ensure compliance with statutory, technical, contractual and others requirements.

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