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Inspection, Testing, Commissioning and Handover


Is your building handover process free of incomplete or faulty works? Documentation and approvals complete?
O & M Personnel trained and know what to do and how to do it?
We can assist you to finalise all the builders obligations and minimise your risks.

The intent of inspection, testing, commissioning and handover activities is to:

  • Validate compliance with design specifications, drawings, contractual and authorities requirements;
  • Facilitate documentary evidence of compliance;
  • Document comprehensive O & M manuals incorporating all necessary manufacturer and specialist subcontractor and builder instructions in order to safely maintain the building to achieve the specified operational parameters and design life of the building;
  • Finalise documentation of all application Safety in Design reports, design and construction compliance statements;
  • Document all applicable As Built Drawings and other information including specific manufacturer product information and shop drawings;
  • Ensure that the owners operations and maintenance personnel are adequately trained;
  • Ensure that all applicable manufacturer, vendor and specialist subcontractor warrantees are prepared and submitted in accordance with contractual obligations;

Typically testing and commissioning is applied to building services and operable elements such as doors and windows, but may also take into account static elements such as thermal and acoustic insulation, building seals and fabric, airtightness and drainage.

Due to contractual and time pressures buildings are often handed over as practically complete with incomplete works, commissioning, documentation and handover activities remaining outstanding. It is vital in these circumstances that the post-handover works are managed to ensure appropriate assessment and statusing of works, close out, approval and formal handover of these later works.   Some of the impacts of a failure to manage this process are listed below:

  • Damage or compromise to the works previously inspected, tested and commissioned;
  • Failure to independently re-inspect test and commission works impacted by late works resulting in confusion over approval status and liability;
  • Handover documentation may need to be updated to account for the late works and the associated re-inspection, testing and commissioning;
  • As Built drawings may not be updated to reflect the final installation locations, depths, details, sizes, capacities, controls, isolation points, manufacturer’s equipment, materials used and various other parameters. This is particularly important in regard to operational and maintenance safety, and in the future when refurbishment or replacement works is planned.
  • Confusion occurs in regard to program maintenance activities including when the later works elements are handed over and when maintenance obligations are transferred from the contractor to the maintainer. In this circumstance it is not unusual for maintenance activities not to commence or for services defects or faults not to be logged or repairs not to be instigated.
  • Late building modifications may have compromised commissioning;
  • Previous contractor and designer certifications may be invalidated;
  • Important warranty and operations and maintenance information may be omitted;
  • Often issues and liability cannot be conclusively determined due to a lack of baseline the documentation.

All parties involved in the building design, construction, and approval process have important roles in ensuring completion of inspection, testing, commissioning, document handover, and training and handover approvals. These activities are beneficial to operations and maintenance, services availability, building design life, energy efficiency, building management, facilitation of future building refurbishments and ensuring that all liabilities are clearly defined and maintained.

Through our extensive experience with inspection, testing, commissioning, documentation and handover processes in modern buildings and facilities CCC provides assistance to building owners, designers, builders, operators and maintainers to efficiently resolve disputes that may result during the building process. CCC forensically reviews documentation and records from inspection, testing, commissioning and handover to assess compliance; conduct expert site inspections; arrange and carry out measurements and testing; prepare expert reports; and develop and negotiate solutions on behalf of our clients.


Other Support Services for Builder/Developer


Building Defects

In recent years there have been a number of high profile cases that have tested the builder’s liability for defects.
In this case, the owner (or their representative) is responsible to identify and notify the builder of a defect. So it is important that those hidden issues are identified before it is too late – before the builder’s liability is extinguished or a major failure.

Cornerstone Construction Consultants provides a range of Defect Management services, from a single issue service, to a comprehensive management process

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Building Disputes

Building Design and Construction is progressively becoming more complex and therefore it is common that during construction handover and commencement of Building occupancy and operations, and throughout the life of a building, that disputes occur.

These issues may result in breaches of WA Building Regulations, health and safety issues in operations and maintenance, breaches of builder and manufacturer warrantee obligations, inefficient and unsustainable building operations and maintenance, loss of building functionality and unnecessary wear and susceptibility to damage of building elements.

Find out how Cornerstone Construction Consultants can bring clarity to the dispute and improve your options for successful resolution.

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Transition to Operations and Maintenance

Aren’t sure how to transition from construction to operations and maintenance? Aren’t clear on your obligations or those of your builder, operators and maintainers? Let us help you ensure regulatory compliance, maintain builder, operator and maintainer liabilities and maximise the performance of your building.

We will assist you in the transition from construction to operations and maintenance to ensure compliance with statutory, technical, contractual and others requirements.

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