About Us

About Us

Getting to know Cornerstone Construction Consultants


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Who we are

Want a clear and comprehensive understanding of how to manage your building issues and support all the way to resolution?

Cornerstone Construction Consultants has the engineering and building expertise from single dwellings to major facilities to ensure you get the best outcomes.Cornerstone Construction Consultants is a building engineering and construction management organisation with staff experienced in managing and supervising in excess of 4,000 buildings in residential, apartments, commercial, industrial, civil, resources, retail, and institutional facilities throughout all phases of development from early feasibility, through design, documentation, approvals, tendering, construction, commissioning, handover, operations and maintenance and demolition.

Key personnel hold a variety of qualifications in engineering and construction and WA Building Practitioner certification. We are experienced across design, construction and operations and maintenance of buildings from small dwellings to large facilities.

Through our broad experience in managing all facets of building projects, we efficiently plan and manage solutions for all your building needs.

Cornerstone Construction Consultants holds appropriate insurances for your protection including professional indemnity and public liability insurances. Policy cover schedules are available upon request.

Operating Sectors

Cornerstone Construction Consultants operates across all building sectors and classes including:

  • Residential housing;
  • Multiple Dwellings and Apartments including mid and high rise apartments, hotels and lifestyle villages, construction camps and operations villages;
  • Commercial Offices;
  • Retail facilities including shopping centres;
  • Industrial including Heavy industrial;
  • Workshops and warehouses;
  • Civil infrastructure including carparks, roads, stormwater, water and sewerage;
  • Government facilities including Health, Defence, Institutional, Educational, Community and Local Government;



Operating Areas

We operate throughout Western Australia from the Perth CBD to suburbs and industrial areas, regional areas and the northwest cyclonic regions.


Vision and Mission

Cornerstone Construction Consultants’ vision is to be a leading provider of engineering and building management services in Western Australia and be highly valued by our clients and partners in the achievement of their success, through delivery of the best solutions.

Cornerstone Construction Consultants’ mission is to provide optimal management solutions to building owners, facilities managers, Insurers, designers, contractors and builders. We add value through introducing better solutions, identifying and reducing risks, minimising disputes, improving health, safety and efficiency outcomes and facilitating compliance.

In line with our mission, Cornerstone Construction Consultants will:

  1. Deploy professionally qualified managers and engineers and experienced inspectors in providing our services;
  2. Act with integrity and discretion at all times in our Client’s interests;
  3. Carefully consider Client requirements and inputs including available documentation and reports in order to thoroughly understand the Client Brief;
  4. Utilise leading technologies and services including engineering and management software and electronic data and hardware including scanners, detectors, measuring and monitoring devices.
  5. Manage risks through investigation, identification, planning and documentation to ensure safe and environmentally appropriate outcomes;
  6. Define and document the Client Brief and communicate the proposed services including Scope Definition, Scope of Services, Client inputs, what we will deliver and when, and keep the Client informed at all times.
  7. Develop solutions harmoniously and in sympathy with Client needs (as defined in the approved “the Brief”).


The Company Values

Our company values:

  • Integrity in responding to all matters, whether technical, contractual or statutory in nature;
  • Genuine and holistic concern for our Client’s needs;
  • Honest and positive communication;
  • Being charitable with our talents, time and finances and encouraging others to do the same.